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Early Childhood Development

The well-being of India's children has not kept pace with the country's recent economic development. Half of all Indian children are undernourished. Six out of every hundred babies die before their first birthday; and half of all children do not complete eight years of schooling. (UNICEF)

Children whose families who live in poverty are particularly badly affected. Poverty forces some mothers to get into prostitution, leaving children in vulnerable places to fend for themselves. Young babies from such backgrounds and other poor conditions are brought to our organisation.

SYCAM cares for and educates children from these vulnerable backgrounds. We provide early childhood development facilities so that the babies can remain close to our carers. Our carers teach children songs, games and stories, while children over 3 or 4 learn basic maths and reading, to help their transition into mainstream school. All children are given health check-ups and immunisations, as well as a nutritious meal every day.

Work among leprosy colony


Since 1977 SYCAM has been working amongst the leprosy victims and their children.

Medical Rehabilitation

A mobile medical team travels across the leprosy colonies & villages treats the ulcer affected patients with medical assistance and provide necessary treatments for them. So far SYCAM has provided medical support for hundreds of families and look after their physical well being.

Feeding Program

Frequently we assist very poor families who live in leprosy communities with rice bags, lentils and other basic groceries that can feed a family for a month. We also provide soap bars, shampoo, combs and other very basic needs that would keep the members of the families healthy and clean. SYCAM aims to provide support for atleast 200 families every month because of the shortage of funds it helps these communities as often as possible. If you like to sponsor a family please do so by donating £10.

Shoe Appeal

Every Six months, SYCAM aims to provide specially deepened canvas footwear with microcellular rubber innersoles for leprosy patients with insensitive feet. There are many who are in desperate need of these shoes. SYCAM does its best to provide these shoes whenever the funds are available. You can donate a pair of shoes for £5.


Help to the social outcasts

The Socially outcast communities we encounter include gypsies (called Nari Koravas), commercial sex workers, prisoners, HIV positive people and rural poor untouchables.

SYCAM is currently working among 2 Gypsy villages.All these communities and groups live in and around Chennai within a radius of about 70 kilometres. Currently we support a total over 200 families. In short, we believe in working with these communities, teaching, touching and transforming lives.

Our Vision for these communities include:

  • Regular Medical camps at every client community.
  • Providing healthy groceries for 200 families.
  • Help children from these communities in homes and schools where they receive free education.
  • Vocational training centers for young men and women of our communities in bag making, craft etc.
  • Build low cost houses for gypsy colonies.
  • Build two multi purpose community halls in two colonies.
  • Helping local Study centers for poor rural communities benefiting about children with a nutritious snack
  • Empowering women through formation of self-help groups, assisting them in setting up petty businesses and providing them skill training where necessary.
  • Counseling young adults through camps where life coping skills


We provide a non-denominational education through our school and outreach project; preparing children for registration to the higher secondary state schools. The children are from families of very poor coolies and dalits. The families live in shacks and slum settlements, many without access to such basics as running water, sanitation or even a roof over their heads.Through the provision of education we support those most in need, encouraging Chennai's underprivileged children; to inspire their own potential, stimulating their confidence and self-awareness and helping them develop a pride in India so building a brighter future for themselves.

As well as teaching English, Maths, Science and crafts we educate the children about hygiene, health and nutrition. All the children we work with including those who have progressed and now attend high school are provided with a daily meal, a supply of fresh drinking water and snacks.We can't do this work without your help. If, like us, you believe that education can improve the future of the poor, then please join us and support our work by sponsoring a child for a whole year's education costs £120

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