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Meet Our Helpers

Revd Bryce Calder:

I first heard about the work of SYCAM through Josh Milton - when he came to serve in my    church as a Trainee Youth Worker. I was amazed to discover all that his parents, Pastor Milton and Sister Annie, were doing amongst needy children and vulnerable adults in Chennai. In December 2006 I visited India and experienced the work of SYCAM first hand. The trip was a life changing experience and I will never forget the wonderful work that SYCAM are involved in. With others in Scotland, I helped to establish the charity Friends of SYCAM in order to raise much needed money for SYCAM's important mission. Currently I serve as Chair of the charity. I would like to commend SYCAM to your prayers and practical support.




Revd Sandy Forsyth:


I was inspired when I heard of the work that Pastor Milton and Sister Annie were doing amongst the poor and disadvantaged in Chennai through their son Josh when he was a youth worker at our church in Kirkintilloch. I've glad that I've kept that connection going by being involved in a small way with Friends of SYCAM - it keeps my feet on the ground, and reminds me that we all have the responsibility to care for our brothers and sisters around the world.







Kath McKenzie:


During most of my teaching career I worked with underprivileged children and was convinced that developing an ability and a love for learning would be the catalyst that would allow them to make good choices in later life.  Supporting the work of the orphanage and school run by Pastor Milton and Sister Annie is my way of helping these children get the best opportunities available.




Mary Hannah:

I am a grandmother in my eighties. I have five grandchildren who have had the benefit of a good education. They have comfortable homes and loving care. Being part of Friends of SYCAM I want to help give the SYCAM children a good share in life.







Jill Taylor:

Having got to know about the work of Pastor Milton and Sister Annie in Chennai and the orphanage they set up following the Tsunami in 2004 I was keen to try and help in some way by being involved with Friends of SYCAM.  Knowing that the children are being brought up in the Christian faith, cared for, loved and educated is such a blessing.






Margaret Young:

At the time of the tsunami I was appalled at the devastation and loss of life. I felt helpless, and then humbled when I heard, through Josh, of his parents' plans to open an orphanage. This was an opportunity to contribute to the relief work after the disaster. Pastor Milton's total belief that God will always provide is an inspiration to us all.







John Taylor:

I got involved after getting to know Pastor Milton and Sister Annie through their son who was doing youth training in our church.  My wife and I have visited the children’s home and school in Chennai and seen the work being done there. I feel privileged to support their commitment to help those who have so little.






Gaynor Wilkin:

SYCAM sounded like a good cause as Josh and Pastor Milton presented it to us.  I liked the fact that all the money went directly to the people who needed help, without any being spent on a large support organisation.  It's a drop in the ocean in terms of the need in India, but I guess every little helps.