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Early Childhood Development

The well-being of India's children has not kept pace with the country's recent economic development. Half of all Indian children are undernourished. Six out of every hundred babies die before their first birthday; and half of all children do not complete eight years of schooling. (UNICEF)

Children whose families who live in poverty are particularly badly affected. Poverty forces some mothers to get into prostitution, leaving children in vulnerable places to fend for themselves. Young babies from such backgrounds and other poor conditions are brought to our organisation.

SYCAM cares for and educates children from these vulnerable backgrounds. We provide early childhood development facilities so that the babies can remain close to our carers. Our carers teach children songs, games and stories, while children over 3 or 4 learn basic maths and reading, to help their transition into mainstream school. All children are given health check-ups and immunisations, as well as a nutritious meal every day.