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Educate a Child

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We provide a non-denominational education through our school and outreach project; preparing children for registration to the higher secondary state schools. The children are from families of very poor coolies and dalits. The families live in shacks and slum settlements, many without access to such basics as running water, sanitation or even a roof over their heads.Through the provision of education we support those most in need, encouraging Chennai's underprivileged children; to inspire their own potential, stimulating their confidence and self-awareness and helping them develop a pride in India so building a brighter future for themselves.

As well as teaching English, Maths, Science and crafts we educate the children about hygiene, health and nutrition. All the children we work with including those who have progressed and now attend high school are provided with a daily meal, a supply of fresh drinking water and snacks.We can't do this work without your help. If, like us, you believe that education can improve the future of the poor, then please join us and support our work by sponsoring a child for a whole year's education costs £120