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Shoe Appeal

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Work among leprosy colony


Since 1977 SYCAM has been working amongst the leprosy victims and their children.

Medical Rehabilitation

A mobile medical team travels across the leprosy colonies & villages treats the ulcer affected patients with medical assistance and provide necessary treatments for them. So far SYCAM has provided medical support for hundreds of families and look after their physical well being.

Feeding Program

Frequently we assist very poor families who live in leprosy communities with rice bags, lentils and other basic groceries that can feed a family for a month. We also provide soap bars, shampoo, combs and other very basic needs that would keep the members of the families healthy and clean. SYCAM aims to provide support for atleast 200 families every month because of the shortage of funds it helps these communities as often as possible. If you like to sponsor a family please do so by donating £10.

Shoe Appeal

Every Six months, SYCAM aims to provide specially deepened canvas footwear with microcellular rubber innersoles for leprosy patients with insensitive feet. There are many who are in desperate need of these shoes. SYCAM does its best to provide these shoes whenever the funds are available. You can donate a pair of shoes for £5.