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Beyond Barriers

Beyond Barriers is offering you the chance to visit and work In India anytime during the year!

Beyond Barriers offers to provide the opportunity for those interested to live and work in Chennai, South India, making a difference in the lives of the people there as well as the opportunity to gain life changing experiences.

Through Beyond Barriers you can have the chance to work with some of these children to help make a positive change in their lives. During your stay, you will also be given the opportunity to travel around the city and visit places of interest.  You will stay in a clean, safe boarding house and all your meals will be catered for. You will experience the people, the country and culture that makes this such an exciting place to visit.

Beyond Barriers’ enables anyone to :


  • Be in India - experiencing its culture and its people
  • Be there - working for the under privileged
  • Be alive to their own potential
  • Be the change!